What I see in a map: A Hand-drawn map of State College, PA

A few months ago I wrote a blog post entitled What I see in a map. In it I talked about how when I see a map, I see where God has worked deeply in my heart along with the many friends who bring the map to life and make it meaningful.

And just recently I finished drawing a new map of State College, PA


My handrawn map of State College, PA

This labor of love took about a year to draw and it encompasses most of where I have spent my last three years of college living life. It is far from perfect and has many errors. And even though it is imperfect, the same has been true for the last few years at Penn State.

You see, when I look at this map I see many places. I see places where good memories with friends but also the places where I have let people down.

In all of this I am thankful that when I see this map, I see the place where God chose to radically transform my heart. I see where I first became involved in DiscipleMakers Christian Fellowship. I see the places where friends of mine have called me out on sin in my life. It is a great place that I hope to savor living in for one more year.

That is what I see in my map of State College. What do you see?


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